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let us simply note that it was indefinitely harder for workers’ unions to secure recognition of their legal, concrete existence and ‘rights’ in the associative Ideological State Apparatus than it was for workers’ political parties to gain recognition in their Ideological State Apparatus. The workers’ unions had to assert their de facto existence in the face of the most cynical sorts of bourgeois legality and repression, in heroic, protracted battles, before they were formally recognized in 1884, and actually recognized … only under the Popular Front, in 1936! It was only in 1946, after the Resistance, that French civil servants’ right to organize unions was recognized! It was at Grenelle, in May 1968 (!), that shop committees were granted a legal right to exist … in companies employing more than 200 workers!

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marco was in snk for like 5 minutes before he died and his ambiguously gay relationship with jean is still more important to the fandom than historia and ymirs canon lesbianing

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Six times as many Palestinians killed over the last 72 hours than all projectiles fired at Israel have killed in 13 years.

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I am sitting here in tears crying over the friendship of perfection that is cordrlia and wesley
"Knowing her..."
"BUT YOU DON'T! You don't know her at all. For months now you haven't cared to. ... Otherwise you might have realised that our Cordelia has become a very solitary girl. She's not the vain carefree creature she once was. It's the visions you see. The visions that were meant to guide you. You could turn away from them. She doesn't have that luxury! She knows and experiences the pain in this city, and because of who she is she feels compelled to do something about it. It's left her little time for anything else..."

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In the age we’re concerned with, the aim of all these institutions- factories, schools, psychiatric hospitals, hospitals, prisons is not to exclude but, rather, to attach individuals. The factory doesn’t exclude individuals: it attaches them to a production apparatus. The school doesn’t exclude individuals, even in confirming them: it fastens them to an apparatus of knowledge transmission. The psychiatric hospital doesn’t exclude individuals: it attaches them to an apparatus of correction, to an apparatus of normalization of individuals. The same is true of the reformatory or the prison: even if the effects of these institutions are the individual’s exclusion, their primary aim is to insert individuals into an apparatus of normalization of people. The factory, the school, the prison, or the hospitals have the object of binding the individual to a process of production, training [formation] , or correction of the producers. It’s a matter of guaranteeing production, or the producers, in terms of a particular norm.

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the idea of people having to be ‘useful’ is just so gross, like people do not exist to be used

having to produce something and have a use is a capitalist ideal and not an intrinsic part of humanity

just by being alive you are human and you are worth something and you can never be useless

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My dream is that there will one day be a sudden increase in Angel fans who want to write Wesley fanfiction. Like… I don’t even care which ship. I just want Wesley fanfiction where someone gives him the damn love that man deserves. 

The Wesley fanfiction website NEEDS to be updated. I need more Weslah. 

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